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CEO-Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Antonio Rawad Nassar is a Certified Financial Planner and financial analyst with progressive experience directing complex projects, developing strategies, and collaborating with high-performance teams to enhance sales and operations. In terms of Academic qualifications, Mr. Nassar has obtained a Doctorate from the University of Trento in Economics and Banking Systems as well as a Certificate of Technical Analysis from the Market Traders Institute of Florida. Finally, during his career, Mr. Nassar has obtained Series 6, 7, and 63 licenses of the US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).
With a doctorate in Economic and Monetary Policies from the University of Trento (2002), Mr. Nassar focused his thesis studies on central bank monetary policies. In particular, Mr. Nassar developed an in-depth analysis of the Bank of Japan’s monetary policies, which were implemented in cooperation with the Japanese government as a response to the 1992 depreciation of the Japanese Yen.
Mr. Nassar began his career as a commodities analyst, specializing primarily in gold, silver, oil, and agriculture. Within agriculture, Mr. Nassar developed a strategic focus on three agricultural assets: cacao, soybeans, and wheat. These commodity assets, in Mr. Nassar’s opinion, are major indicators of global consumption trends. As raw materials, the increase in their demand reflects overall growth in the economic cycle, whether on a global scale or within countries that produce these assets.

Following the 2008-2009 global financial crisis, Mr. Nassar shifted his focus to the FX market and the currency arena. With central banks all over the world developing new, unprecedented monetary policies, it was clear that the currency sphere was moving into uncharted territory. As an economic analyst, Mr. Nassar was intrigued by these new monetary policies and sought to understand their effect on the stagnant global economy. In particular, Mr. Nassar analyzed their direct effect on the currency value of a given country, and how central banks were using their monetary policies to beneficially direct their country’s currency value.

Over the past ten years of tracking and analyzing how the central banks use their monetary policies to modify the price action of their relative currency, Mr. Nassar has developed a comprehensive understanding of and experience in forecasting future currency movements.


2002 University of study Trento, Italy M.A in finance and monetary policy,

2007, Ph.D. in monetary policies and central banking, Relevant coursework included: Financial Accounting, Financial Analysis, Financial Econometrics I & II, Corporate Finance, Asset Pricing, and Micro/Macroeconomics I & II.

Other courses and specializations were followed and achieved during the years, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, financial planner, strategic decision making, mentoring, and human resources