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Innovation Fueled By Necessity

“He who controls the past controls the future( George Orwell). We say he who understands history can anticipate future”

Our innovative solutions are the results of the deep experience of each family member, that contribute to a unified futuristic vision with synchronicity and anticipation of future needs.

VVM Blockchain

Blockchain technology is the underlying infrastructure and support technology to build the trust of cryptocurrency. It is not only an emerging technology that relies on the pure mathematical method to create trust relationship in a distributed environment but also an innovative combination of hash algorithm, asymmetric cryptography, timestamp, consensus mechanism, and many other technologies, with characteristics of decentralization, trustlessness, collective maintenance, reliable database, Distributed Database, Peer-to-Peer Transmission, openness, security and unalterability, Transparency with Pseudonymity, verifiability and traceability, Irreversibility of Records and programmable Computational Logic.



The real estate development process encompasses three major groups – a consumer group, a production group, and a public infrastructure group. We operate both as a direct property developer, as well as a provider of real estate consulting services covering the whole spectrum of real estate development: acquisition, construction, design, property management, immigration services, and rentals. While we directly invest in our projects, we also support our investors and clients in identifying financially advantageous development opportunities by evaluating and assessing all crucial parameters in order to deliver an integrated assessment of real estate development and its funding strategies. Our expanded network of collaborators consisting of experienced architects, contractors, engineers, and legal consultants acts effectively to deliver projects on time and within budget, providing great returns.