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Crypto Smart City

To develop and build CRYPTO SMART CITY CSC as a mixed-use Modern Green city, such as regional hub for Tourism, Entertainment, Education, Healthcare and Businesses , with Blockchain& Crypto transactions. Transactions & interactions of the CRYPTO SMART CITY will be totally built on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency interactions. This CRYPTO SMART CITY City is Located in the new center of the world and the Company reserve it rights to reveal the location by March 2022. The size of the city is average 80 Km Square with over 50 KM of beach side and it will contain the following:

Crypto ATM

A rarely new concept that is unique and never used by anyone in the crypto world and ATM which is connected with exchange and powered by visa payments.
1. If you need fiat for your crypto you can use our Visa-powered crypto card and load your card with a crypto balance on spot exchange and credit facility within seconds.
2. If you want to buy crypto just scan your wallet and select the crypto of your choice from the available list of cryptos get the latest price, pay the amount by using cash or card and here you go that cryptocurrency will be transferred to your wallet.


Solar Powered City

This CRYPTO SMART CITY will create its own electricity using solar power. It can make good financial sense to use solar power to mine cryptocurrency. Solar plants can provide Power that is cheaper than grid power in areas with good insolation and low construction costs also one megawatt solar project could provide power over the 25-year life of the project at about 5 cents per kilowatt-hour or less.

Gaming Zone

Enjoy your stay with live games and your team members, one of the unique ideas about our gaming is that it will have 1000s- the 1000s- of online games and mobile games at a single place.



Hotels is not a new concept we are discussing here, but the thing which will create interest for the tourist in CRYPTO SMART CITY will be, “FREE STAY”. Whoever is visiting UAE and wants to visit crypto world they will enjoy free stay and full services free of cost which you get in 5 stars Hotels including separate villas for big groups and rooms for the individual. Our hotels will serve understated luxury in spaces designed to make every stay truly unforgettable. Our hotels will set new standards within the industry by creating environments that stir emotions.


If luxury is all you require, we have one stop solution for your luxury needs. Luxury villas, Luxury cars, Luxury Parties ETC all at one place at your service with luxury club packages. We will ensure that our members have access to the highest standards of quality and luxury across the globe.


On Spot Exchange

Live crypto banks will make it easy for you to buy or sell crypto or exchange your crypto with fiat or fiat with crypto in minutes of transaction. We will provide excellent service, low fees, versatile funding options and rigorous security standards. We are dedicated to making cryptocurrency available and accessible to the world and enabling people from all walks of life to invest in their independence.


In this CRYPTO SMART CITY there will be a place where you don’t have to compromise taste of your food, you just think of it and you will get it. Restaurants serving authentic delicacies from around the world to satisfy your taste buds. Our restaurants are where fine dining is an immersive experience.


Live-game war shows

WGaming tournament has taken big place in hearts of young generation, in our CRYPTO SMART CITY we will be organizing live games war in association with games popular all round the world. We will provide a high-quality next-generation gaming experience. We will be your source for daily tournaments and gaming wars.

Robotic War

War with robots: how battle bots will define the future of ground combat. Hunkered down behind a thick stone wall, the squad leader hears the rumble of tank treads ahead as a robot breacher plows through city street obstacles followed by its control vehicle a few blocks behind. The staff sergeant signals squad mates to launch a handheld drone that peeks around dangerous corners, scouting enemy fire positions.


Shopping Malls

Shop from your favorite brand and make payments from your FIToken and any cryptocurrency. There’d be no risk of card fraud, no credit scores, payment blacklisting, or geo-restrictions. Here you can buy all manner of goods and services, but don’t bother reaching for your credit card at checkout. At these Shopping malls, everything’s billed in cryptocurrency.

Luxury SPA

Time spent with nature heals your body, mind and spirit. Massage therapy is one of the oldest techniques in the world for dealing with bodily aches and ailments. A skilled massage therapist can help pinpoint the source of your pains and help you through a variety of treatments in a healing regime. This is why we offer everything from deep tissue massages through Moroccan bath, Turkish bath, private Jacuzzis.


Luxury Smart Salon Service (LSSS) for both men and women

Pamper yourself with our experts. We will offer services performed by expert beauty therapists, hair stylists, manicurists, qualified masseuses, pedicurists, and even spa doctors. Bringing them all together, we create a series of special experience.

Private Party Clubs

Portsmouth’s Flagship Community and Enterprise Facility. Hire One of Our Extensive Sports, Party, Wedding or Meeting Spaces. The club is designed especially for those who find themselves craving something a bit more discreet and sophisticated.


Fully Secured Campus

Your security is our responsibility.

Fully Temperature Controlled

The Automatic Climate Control system is the most advanced of all the air conditioning systems. It effectively controls the temperature and humidity levels. In Climate Control, you can set the temperature of your choice. However, the system controls it regardless of the outside air temperature and humidity.


Crypto License Authority

The procedure of obtaining a license for a crypto currency trading and exchange project – is a complex and time-consuming process, that demands a certain level of knowledge and experience. Our company will offer the professional legal consulting for the companies that are interested in receiving of the crypto currency exchange license that will eliminate all legal questions from the side of the authorities.

Crypto Bank

The place where you can do your transaction through our crypto currency.


Water Parks

Splash your way through a full day of Water Park themed fun with 20 water slides and attractions designed especially for families with kids.

No Tax Zone

Enjoy and spend we will take care of your tax on each transaction.


Open Concerts

Book and sale tickets: concerts, sports, arts, theater, shows, festivals, family events